Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix .iso

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix .iso
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hay this has no viruses i only want to help the many people who have had a hard time finding this game.  unfortunately this game is not in English.  to play the game you need to have swap magic or a mod chip.  i know a lot of you do not what to do this but i looked for hours for 5 days for an alternative but the is non.  if you dont whant to get a mod chip and your parents say no to the swap magic then you can tell them that you need swap magic for a game  back up.

file type: .iso

have fun and good luck!

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📽Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix .iso8,353.1 Mb

  • 📁Disc1
    • 💿Kingdom_Hearts_2_Final_Mix_Plus_JAP_PS2DVD-GANT[DISC 1].iso4,129.6 Mb
  • 📁Disc2
    • 💿Kingdom_Hearts_2_Final_Mix_Plus_JAP_PS2DVD-GANT[DISC 2].iso4,223.5 Mb
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