ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro & Alt

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ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro & Alt
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ITC Classics: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro

ITC Avant Garde Gothic was created in the late 1960s as the logo for the short-lived, but highly influential magazine, Avant Garde. As art director, Herb Lubalin devised the logo concept and its companion headline typeface. Then he and Tom Carnase, a partner in Lubalin’s design firm, worked together to transform the idea into a full-fledged typeface.

The result was a typographic tour de force. Lubalin and the magazine’s publisher received frequent and numerous requests to release the typeface for general use, but it remained the exclusive property of the magazine until 1970.

In that year, two events changed the exclusive status of the logo typeface: International Typeface Corporation (ITC) was formed through the partnership of Lubalin, Burns and Company and PhotoLettering Inc., and Avant Garde magazine ceased publication. Aaron Burns and Herb Lubalin (principals of Lubalin, Burns and Company) now had the rights to a typeface of proven popularity and a means to offer the design to the typographic community.

It took several labor-intensive months to transform the basic alphabet into a proper typeface family. Additional characters were created (including a suite of many alternate designs), and a full family was developed from the basic weights used in the magazine. Finally, each character had to be productized to be compatible with the typesetting equipment of that era.

Avant Garde Gothic was initially released in only five roman weights, but its immediate popularity soon prompted the expansion of the basic family. In 1974 ITC approached Ed Benguiat to develop a suite of condensed designs. Two years later, André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt and Erich Gschwind were commissioned to develop italic counterparts for the roman designs.

Since then, OpenType technology has allowed ITC to release a complete digital version of Avant Garde Gothic that encompasses the full breadth of Lubalin and Carnese’s design. Avant Garde Gothic Pro offers all the original alternate characters and ligatures, plus many extras. Included are a suite of additional cap and lowercase alternates, new ligatures that were drawn just for this release, and a collection of biform characters (lowercase letters with cap proportions).

In addition to English, Avant Garde Gothic Pro fonts support most European and many Central European languages, including Baltic, Turkish, Czech, Hungarian and Polish. Fonts can be purchased individually or as a complete ITC Avant Garde Gothic Family package.

Files in this .torrent

📽ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro & Alt1.0 Mb

  • 📁Avant Garde Alternatives
    • 📁Avant-Garde Alternates
      • AvantGardeAlternates-Bold.ttf21.7 Kb
      • AvantGardeCapsAlts-Demi.ttf61.4 Kb
      • AvantGardeCapsAlts-Medium.ttf61.7 Kb
  • 📁AvantGarde GothicEF-Alt
    • 📁AvantGarde GothicEF-Alt
      • AvantGardGothEF-BoldAlt.OTF6.1 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEF-BookAlt.OTF6.2 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEF-DemBolAlt.OTF6.3 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEF-MediumAlt.OTF6.2 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEF-XLightAlt.OTF6.2 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEFBoldAlt.OTF6.4 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEFBookAlt.OTF6.5 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEFDemBolAlt.OTF6.6 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEFMediumAlt.OTF6.6 Kb
      • AvantGardGothEFXLightAlt.OTF6.5 Kb
  • 📁AvantGardeGothicPro
    • ITCAvantGardePro-Bk.otf82.7 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-BkObl.otf84.3 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-Bold.otf86.6 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-BoldObl.otf86.9 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-Demi.otf82.0 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-DemiObl.otf81.9 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-Md.otf84.8 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-MdObl.otf87.5 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-XLt.otf84.2 Kb
    • ITCAvantGardePro-XLtObl.otf86.5 Kb
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