Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden with AGTP v.95 E Patch (+voices)

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Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden with AGTP v.95 E ...
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I finally found an image of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden with working voices. I had to use instructions provided in a comment to patch it as it was a .48 version of the game. Having done that, I have tested it and am proud to say that the voices are working and the text is in English! Have a blast everyone and please thank the kind folks at AGTP ( before you consider thanking me. :)


CD Image - http://www.mega

English Patch -

.48 Patch Instructions -

I merely put it all together and uploaded it...


I plan to upload this overnight as I share my connection with others. Expect it to be operational around 2am to 8am EST for as many days as it takes to keep it alive. Also, as usual, please be responsible and do not let this die. Try to seed it the same amount of time you spend downloading it and avoid leaving if you are the last seed if at all possible!

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📽Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden with AGTP v.95 E Patch (+voices)685.1 Mb

  • 💿srwag-engv095b.bin685.1 Mb
  • 💿srwag-engv095b.cue75 b
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