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Great Ideas of Philosophy - Audio Lecture TTC
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📽Great Ideas of Philosophy - Audio Lecture TTC1,247.1 Mb

  • 1.From the Upanishads to Homer.mp322.1 Mb
  • 10.Plato's Republic—Man Writ Large.mp320.9 Mb
  • 11.Hippocrates and the Science of Life.mp320.1 Mb
  • 12.Aristotle on the Knowable.mp321.1 Mb
  • 13.Aristotle on Friendship.mp321.0 Mb
  • 14.Aristotle on the Perfect Life.mp320.9 Mb
  • 15.Rome, the Stoics, and the Rule of Law.mp321.1 Mb
  • 16.The Stoic Bridge to Christianity.mp319.9 Mb
  • 17.Roman Law—Making a City of the Once-Wide World.mp320.1 Mb
  • 18.The Light Within—Augustine on Human Nature.mp320.7 Mb
  • 19.Islam.mp321.0 Mb
  • 2.Philosophy—Did the Greeks Invent It.mp321.2 Mb
  • 20.Secular Knowledge—The Idea of University.mp321.2 Mb
  • 21.The Reappearance of Experimental Science.mp320.3 Mb
  • 22.Scholasticism and the Theory of Natural Law.mp320.4 Mb
  • 23.The Renaissance—Was There One.mp320.8 Mb
  • 24.Let Us Burn the Witches to Save Them.mp321.3 Mb
  • 25.Francis Bacon and the Authority of Experience.mp320.8 Mb
  • 26.Descartes and the Authority of Reason.mp320.4 Mb
  • 27.Newton—The Saint of Science.mp320.3 Mb
  • 28.Hobbes and the Social Machine.mp320.6 Mb
  • 29.Locke’s Newtonian Science of the Mind.mp320.8 Mb
  • 3.Pythagoras and the Divinity of Number.mp320.5 Mb
  • 30.No matter Never mind! The Challenge of Materialism.mp320.4 Mb
  • 31.Hume and the Pursuit of Happiness.mp320.9 Mb
  • 32.Thomas Reid and the Scottish School.mp320.8 Mb
  • 33.France and the Philosophes.mp321.1 Mb
  • 34.The Federalist Papers and the Great Experiment.mp320.4 Mb
  • 35.What Is Enlightenment Kant on Freedom.mp320.7 Mb
  • 36.Moral Science and the Natural World.mp320.8 Mb
  • 37.Phrenology—A Science of the Mind.mp321.0 Mb
  • 38.The Idea of Freedom.mp321.2 Mb
  • 39.The Hegelians and History.mp321.0 Mb
  • 4.What Is There.mp321.1 Mb
  • 40.The Aesthetic Movement—Genius.mp320.5 Mb
  • 41.Nietzsche at the Twilight.mp319.6 Mb
  • 42.The Liberal Tradition—J.S. Mill.mp320.7 Mb
  • 43.Darwin and Nature’s “Purposes”.mp320.8 Mb
  • 44.Marxism—Dead but Not Forgotten.mp321.2 Mb
  • 45.The Freudian World.mp321.0 Mb
  • 46.The Radical William James.mp320.7 Mb
  • 47.William James's Pragmatism.mp320.8 Mb
  • 48.Wittgenstein and the Discursive Turn.mp320.0 Mb
  • 49.Alan Turing in the Forest of Wisdom.mp321.5 Mb
  • 5.The Greek Tragedians on Man’s Fate.mp319.8 Mb
  • 50.Four Theories of the Good Life.mp322.2 Mb
  • 51.Ontology—What There Really Is.mp319.2 Mb
  • 52.Philosophy of Science—The Last Word.mp321.0 Mb
  • 53.Philosophy of Psychology and Related Confusions.mp321.3 Mb
  • 54.Philosophy of Mind, If There Is One.mp319.9 Mb
  • 55.What makes a Problem Moral.mp320.3 Mb
  • 56.Medicine and the Value of Life.mp320.4 Mb
  • 57.On the Nature of Law.mp320.9 Mb
  • 58.Justice and Just Wars.mp320.3 Mb
  • 59.Aesthetics—Beauty Without Observers.mp320.8 Mb
  • 6.Herodotus and the Lamp of History.mp320.4 Mb
  • 60.God—Really.mp320.4 Mb
  • 7.Socrates on the Examined Life.mp321.1 Mb
  • 8.Plato's Search for Truth.mp321.1 Mb
  • 9.Can Virtue Be Taught.mp321.2 Mb
  • 🌄Great Ideas Of Philosophy.jpg41.1 Kb
  • 📰Great Ideas of Philosophy 2nd Edition.txt5.1 Kb
  • 📖Great Ideas of Philosophy, 2nd Edition.pdf3.0 Mb
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