[OrgasmsXXX] Connie (Forever Mine / 07.13.2013)

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[OrgasmsXXX] Connie (Forever Mine / 07.13.2013)
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[OrgasmsXXX] Connie (Forever Mine / 07.13.2013)


We have wanted to introduce Zuzana to George for some time, they both share the same passion for pleasure and both of them can relax and enjoy themselves immensely during our shoots.

Zuzana has a thirst for good sex and she has said a number of time now that she prefers older more experienced guys, as you can see from her last scene on this site, with Ian!

The other thing George and Zuzana share is that they are multi-orgasmic, and are able to come more than once when they make love on camera. We are delighted that we were not wrong, and that these two have natural chemistry that comes across beautifully in this passionate, excellent new scene!

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