Windows 95 B *.ISO + Boot Disk (NZ-TORRENT)

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Windows 95 B *.ISO + Boot Disk (NZ-TORRENT)
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For Beginners:

This download contains Windows 95 Version B in an image, which is basically a copy of a disc but on your computer and needs to be mounted so you can use it. Mounted means using a program that will make a virtual disc drive and make your computer think it is a real one. A free program do this can be found at this link (Without Quotes) : "".

Files in this .torrent

📽Windows 95 B *.ISO + Boot Disk (NZ-TORRENT)599.2 Mb

  • 💿WINDOWS 95 B.iso597.0 Mb
  • 💿Windows 95 Boot Disk.img1.4 Mb
  • boot95b.exe858.0 Kb
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