Mythbusters Seasons 1-6 : High Quality Organized Pack

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Mythbusters Seasons 1-6 : High Quality Organize...
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Finally a proper release of this show.  Everyone mis-labels the episodes for this and does not know anything about proper episode order.  This is mainly because discovery does not number the episodes properly themselves and "specials" are often aired, which are really just regular episodes with a twist on the theme.  Well the only way to watch this show, the proper way, is to do it by air date.  You dont want to be watching an episode and see flashbacks for a myth you have not seen yet now do you?

This guide here numbers the episodes perfectly in proper order by air date.  This is the same list that can be found on wikipedia.  It was also on tvrage for some time before some moron on that site changed it.  There are 6 seasons people.  This IS the proper order.  Even if you dont agree on the season and episode numbering because your stubborn, that does not change the fact that all episodes here are organized by air date, and should be watched in exactly this order.

Now for the quality.  Mostly every mythbusters pack released is filled with garbage ripped from a crappy analog cable connection, or several episodes with that awful announcer from the UK airings.  Not to mention fullscreen episode.  OMG yuck.  Who still watches fullscreen content when the shows are made in widescreen?  Now I give you this collection, which is 100% widescreen.  Every episode.  And not letterboxed either like those craptacular digital distraction rips.  I have all known dvdrips of the show in here, and the best of every episode (HDTv then PDTV then DSR, then regular ol tvrips as a last resort).  Release groups are also retarded and all follow their own episode guides.  They skip episodes, and dont put the name of the episode in the release name.  This leads to a very difficult time in tracking down a quality rip of a particular episode.  I have renamed all files to include episode number and episode title.  If you refer to the included .xls (use excel to open it) document, you can see the quality of a rip is colour coded.  Darkest green being the best to red being the worst.  Unfortunetly it was very difficult to find old episodes that were widescreen, the american broadcast and properly ripped, so there are a tiny few less then stellar rips in the pack.  There where a few PDTV versions I could not get ahold of which would be slightly better then the DSR rips (No discovery logo).  These are listed in the guide if you want to try and hunt them down  Its all broken down in the organized chart.  I have not included any x.264 720 or 1080 encodes to keep filesize down.  You can still find these on various torrent sites if you want them but they only exsist for the last 10 episodes or so (again see the guide for details).  

Visit for probably the only accurate episode guide for this show there is.

Below is a list of all episodes in this pack, the quality of the rip, and the release group.  See the guide .xls included with the torrent for more details.

Season 1									

Episode #	Title									Quality/Source|Ripper							

1	1x01	Jet-Assisted Chevy, Pop Rocks and Soda					DVD | MEMETiC							

Files in this .torrent

📽Mythbusters Seasons 1-6 : High Quality Organized Pack40,591.3 Mb

  • 📰Info.txt9.9 Kb
  • Mythbusters Detailed Episode Guide.xlsx28.1 Kb
  • 📁Season 1
    • 💻mythbusters.1x01.Jet-Assisted.Chevy,.Pop Rocks.and.Soda.DVDRip-memetic.avi348.4 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x02.Vacuum.Toilet,.Biscuit.Bazooka,.Leaping.Lawyer.DVDRip-memetic.avi348.3 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x03.Larry's.Lawn-Chair.Balloon,.Goldfinger,.Poppy-Seed.Drug.Test.DVDRip-memet...348.4 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x04.Ice.Bullet,.ExplodingToilet,.Who.Gets.Wetter.DVDRip-memetic.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x05.Cell.Phone.Destruction,.Silicone.Breasts,.CD-ROM.Shattering.DVDRip.xvid-a...350.1 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x06.Barrel.of.Bricks,.Pissing.on.the.Third.Rail,.Eel.Skin.Wallet.DVDRip-admir...350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x07.Penny.Drop,.Deadly.Microwaves,.Radio.Tooth.Fillings.DVDRip-memetic.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x08.Hammer.Bridge.Drop,.Buried.Alive,.Cola.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x09.Lightning.Strikes.Tongue.Piercing,.Tree.Cannon,.Beat.the.Breath.Test.DVDR...350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x10.Stinky.Car,.Raccoon.Rocket.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x11.Escape.From.Alcatraz,.Duck.Quack,.Mind.Control.Chips.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x12.Chicken.Gun,.Octopus.Egg.Pregnancy,.Killer.Washing.Machine.DVDRip-admiral...350.1 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x13.Explosive.Decompression,.Frog.Giggin',.Rear.Axle.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x14.Sinking.Titanic,.Goldfish.Memory,.Trombone.Explosion.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻mythbusters.1x15.Break.Step.Bridge,.Toothbrush.Surprise,.Rowing.Water.Skier.DVDRip-admiral...350.2 Mb
    • 💻,.Daddy-Longlegs,.Jet.Taxi.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.1 Mb
  • 📁Season 2
    • 💻MB.2x01.Myths.Revisited.TVRip-xlg47.avi349.1 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x03.Scuba.Diver,.Car.Capers.TVRip-xlg47.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x04.Ancient Death Ray,.Skunk.Cleaning,.What.Is.Bulletproof.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.1 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x05.Elevator.of.Death,.Levitation.Machine.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x06.Beat.the.Radar.Detector.TVRip-xlg47.avi352.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x07.Quicksand.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x08.Exploding.Jawbreaker.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x09.Pingpong Rescue.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x10.Boom-Lift.Catapult.TVRip.WS-xlg47.avi351.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x11.Exploding House.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x12.Ming.Dynasty.Astronaut.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.2x13.Christmas.Special.WS.PDTV.-FQM-Edited.avi81.4 Mb
  • 📁Season 3
    • 💻MB.3x01.Buster 2.0.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x02.Ultimate.Mythbuster.TVRip-Unknown.avi349.9 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x03.Brown.Note.DVDRip-MEMETic.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x04.Salsa.Escape.DVDRip-admirals.avi350.1 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x05.Exploding.Port.a.Potty.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x06.Is.Yawning.Contagious.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x07.Mythbusters.Outtakes.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x08.Cooling.a.Six.Pack.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x09.Son.of.a.Gun.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x10.Shop.Till.You.Drop.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x11.Mythbusters.Revealed.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x12.Hollywood.On.Trial.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x13.Breaking.Glass.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x14.Jet.Pack.DVDRip-MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x15.Killer.Brace.Position.DVDRip.MEMETiC.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x16.Bulletproof.Water.DSR-Unknown.avi352.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x17.Jaws.Special.PDTV-FQM.avi700.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x18.Border.Slingshot.DSR-CK.avi348.5 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x19.Killer.Tissue.Box.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x20.Escape.Slide.Parachute.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x21.Mythbusters Revisited.PDTV-FQM.avi350.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x22.Chinese.Invasion.Alarm.DSR-Unknown.avi349.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x23.Confederate.Rocket.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x24.Vodka.Myths.DSR-FQM.avi343.1 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x25.Steel.Toe-Cap.Amputation.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.3x26.Seasickness.-.Kill.or.Cure.DSR-OMiCRON.avi348.7 Mb
  • 📁Season 4
    • 💻MB.4x01.Newspaper.Crossbow.DSR.K4RM4.avi334.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x02.Shredded.Plane.PDTV-FQM.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x03.Archimedes.Death.Ray.Revisited.PDTV-wpi.avi349.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x04.Helium.Football.DVDRip-wide.avi348.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x05.Franklin's.Kite.DSR-FQM.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x06.Helium.Raft,.Cell.Phone.on.Airplanes.DSR-Unknown.avi351.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x07.Bullets.Fired.Up.DVDRip-wide.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x08.Myths.Reopened.DSR-Unknown.avi349.9 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x09.Mind.Control.DSR-crntv.avi347.5 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x10.Exploding.Pants.DSR-Unknown.avi349.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x11.Crimes and Myth-Demeanors.1.DVDRip-wide.avi348.9 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x12.Breakfast.Cereal,.Steam.Cannon.DSR-K4RM4.avi336.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x13.Whirlpool.Myth,.Snowplow.DVDRip-wide.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x14.Coke.and.Mentos.DVDRip-wide.avi348.9 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x15.Shattering.Subwoofer,.Rough.Road.Driving.DSR-THOR.avi348.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x16.Crimes.and.Myth-Demeanors.2.DSR-wpi.avi349.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x17.Earthquake.Machine.DVDRip-wide.avi348.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x18.Deadly.Straw.DVDRip-wide.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x19.Mega.Movie.Myths.DSR-crimson.avi701.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x20.Killer.Cable.Snaps.PDTV-THOR.avi348.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x21.Air.Cylinder.Rocket.PDTV-THOR.avi348.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x22.More.Myths.Revisited.PDTV-DGAS.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x23.Exploding.Lighter.DSR-Unknown.avi348.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x24.Concrete.Glider.DSR-DGAS.avi349.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x25.Firearms.Folklore.DVDRip-wide.avi349.1 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x26.Anti-Gravity Device.DVDRip-wide.avi348.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x27.Holiday.Special.DVDRip-wide.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.4x28.22,000.Foot.Fall.DSR-2SD.avi350.5 Mb
  • 📁Season 5
    • 💻MB.5x01.Hindenburg.Mystery.DVDRip-wide.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x02.Pirates.Special.DVDRip-wide.avi698.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x03.Underwater.Car.DVDRip-wide.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x04.Speed.Cameras.DSR-2sd.avi350.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x05.Dog.Myths.PDTV-wpi.avi349.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x06.More.Myths.Reopened.PDTV-wpi.avi349.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x07.Voice.Flame.Extinguisher.DSR-WPi.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x09.Walking.on.Water.DSR-Unknown.avi348.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x10.Western.Myths.PDTV-wpi.avi349.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x11.Big.Rig.Myths.DSR-dgas.avi349.0 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x12.Grenades.and.Guts.PDTV-wpi.avi349.5 Mb
    • 💻MB.5x13.Snow.Special.DSR-kyr.avi347.6 Mb
  • 📁Season 6
    • 💻MB.6x01.Baseball.Myths.DSR-crimson.avi350.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x02.Viewer.Special.DSR-tbs.avi350.2 Mb
    • 💻 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x04.Superhero.Hour.DSR-crimson.avi350.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x05.Myth.Evolution.DSR-omicron.avi349.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x06.Trail.Blazers.DSR-iht.avi349.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x07.Exploding.Water.Heater.DSR-WPi.avi349.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x08.Supersized.Myths.DSR-OMiCRON.avi698.7 Mb
    • 💻 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x10.Pirates.2.HDTV-FQM.avi348.6 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x11.Confederate.Steam.Gun.HDTV-FQM.avi348.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x12.Air.Plane.Hour.HDTV-FQM.avi348.8 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x13.James.Bond.Special.Part.1.HDTV-FQM.avi348.9 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x14.Lead.Balloon.HDTV-FQM.avi349.4 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x15.Airplane.on.a.Conveyor.Belt.HDTV-FQM.avi349.2 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x16.James.Bond.Special.2.HDTV-FQM.avi349.3 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x17.Viewer.Special.2.HDTV-FQM.avi349.7 Mb
    • 💻MB.6x18.Macgyver.Myths.HDTV-gnarly.avi354.3 Mb
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