Kumare (2012)

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Kumare (2012)
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Kumare - The true story of a false prophet

NOTE: This is a cropped version. The video has a slight AV synchronization issue, but this was copied from the original, which is 1.6 GB in size. If you can improve the quality please do so, the original version can be downloaded from Avaxhome (as long as the links are valid) or by downloading this torrent:
which originates from Demonoid and goes by the name "Kumari" (and try to keep that one alive as well.



Sri Kumaré is an enlightened guru from the East who has come to America to spread his teachings. After three months in Phoenix, Kumaré has found a group of devoted students who embrace him as a true spiritual teacher. But beneath his long beard, deep penetrating eyes, and his endless smile, Kumaré has a secret he is about to unveil to his disciples: he is not real. Kumaré is really Vikram Gandhi, an American filmmaker from New Jersey who wanted to see if he could transform himself into a guru and build a following of real people. Now, he is conflicted -- can he unveil the truth to these disciples with whom he has spent so much time, and who now look to him for guidance?

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