Asus EEE PC Support DVD Rev. 1.1 Windows XP [h33t][sjcornell]

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Asus EEE PC Support DVD Rev. 1.1 Windows XP [h3...
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Asus EEE PC Support DVD Rev. 1.1 Windows XP [h33t][sjcornell]

Complete copy (in iso format) of the original Asus EEE PC Support DVD containing Windows XP and all drivers for the Asus EEE PC 4G Netbook.

This should not need a key.  This copy of the original disc should run automatically when booted from an EEE PC.  This came with my EEE PC 4G 701 

Netbook and it will restore back to the factory image of a new EEE PC 4G.  I don't know if it will work with other models of EEE PCs but I doubt

it is model specific.

This is completely virus free.  It is made from my copy of the original support DVD and it has been scanned with Norton Internet Security for 

Viruses, Spyware, and other risks and it has been reported to be clean.  So, if your program of choice finds anything, it came from your system 

Files in this .torrent

📽Asus EEE PC Support DVD Rev. 1.1 Windows XP [h33t][sjcornell]2,650.5 Mb

  • 🌄4G.jpg15.8 Kb
  • 🌄AsusEEEPC2XP_g2.jpg44.7 Kb
  • 📰Info.txt1.2 Kb
  • 💿WindowsXPRestore.iso2,650.2 Mb
  • 🌄screenshot-desktop.jpg63.9 Kb
  • 🌄screenshot-gallery.jpg61.3 Kb
  • 🌄screenshot-startmenu.jpg81.2 Kb
  • 📰tracked_by_h33t_com.txt23 b
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