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Sierra 3D Ultra Traintown Deluxe Game

Torrent ID# c266ec96a98758f316b1359a7bb07fc4cc94e76e
Added 22nd Feb, 2008   335 wks old
Size 282.4 Mb in 1 files
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Category Games > Windows - Kids Games
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Sierra 3D Ultra Traintown Deluxe Game
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WHAT 3D ULTRA TRAIN TOWN DELUXE IS ABOUT - Family Game of the year!!!


Maybe you thought it couldn't get any better after the first installment. 

You were wrong. Hunker down and get ready to conquer 50 new missions in this 

stellar update to TrainTown. A fresh track creation system provides more realistic building experiences, and the expanded territory will expose you to all-new environments. The object of the game is to expand your railroad by completing a series of strategic challenges, and you'll have a full range of options to help you get where you're going.

Over 80 jobs - anything from laying out the tracks and running the trains

to bringing steaks over to the barbecue

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📽Sierra 3D Ultra Traintown Deluxe Game282.4 Mb

  • Sierra_3D_Ultra_Traintown_Deluxe_Game.zip282.4 Mb
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