Xbox 360 Profile Editor v2.02 (Achievement Unlocker) WORKS LIVE!

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Xbox 360 Profile Editor v2.02 (Achievement Unlo...
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Heres a Tutorial on how to mod your gamerscore.

1. Open up Xport 360 and find your profile in partition 3

2. Find the FFF file and click it, click 000010000 then make a new folder on your desktop called Hacker *whatever you want*.

3. Drag the E0000 file in to the folder you just made. it in profile editor v2 and Click on unlock all for any game you want.

5.Click save and exit. Drag your profile back into xplorer 360 and click yes to overwrite.

6. put your harddrive back in your 360 and your gamerscore should be maxed out or however many achievements you decided to unlock.

With this tool you can unlock any achievements, without getting gamerscore reset. just make them see like unloked online. :)

Files in this .torrent

📽Xbox 360 Profile Editor v2.02 (Achievement Unlocker) WORKS LIVE!4.0 Mb

  • DevComponents.DotNetBar2.dll3.3 Mb
  • LeonSaunders.dll107.0 Kb
  • ProfileEditor.exe646.0 Kb
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